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Loyalty Programs

Our expertise lies in providing cost-effective, full-suite, integrated loyalty programs for influencers, channel and professional users of products. Here are the key components of our Loyalty Services:

iPuraskar (Loyalty System)

Our proprietary system includes a core loyalty engine & backbone, a suite of platform-agnostic end-user applications, a back-end capable of linking retailer & influencer loyalty programs, field personnel activity monitoring applications and a contact-centre module.Know More

On-roll field team

Our teams are managed and monitored closely through in-house CRM applications deployed on mobile phones and tabs. We operate a two-tiered field force that primarily engages influencers and induces trials, desired habits formation and positive word-of-mouth for our clients’ products.

Rewards Management

We can procure and ensure last-mile reward delivery off a catalogue and also support Direct Benefit Transfer management into beneficiaries' bank accounts or e-wallets

In-house contact centre

Our tele-communication executives are multi-lingual, adept at using voice, text and email where relevant, to communicate with the influencers. They understand well the psyche of the end-users who benefit from the programs we run which helps get better results.

Loyalty Program On-Ground Execution:If given the mandate to manage your loyalty program end-to-end, including managing the grassroots relationships with your influencers or users, T7E will work with your sales team and distributors to create a demand for your product from the users and influencers, that can be immediately measured through an increase in your product’s distribution.

We realised early that some of our clients’ most influential users may not be their direct customers, creating the need to link channel loyalty programs to influencer loyalty programs for a product. Our loyalty engines and systems can handle this complexity, where your trade partner’s loyalty benefits can be linked to the activity levels of the influencer loyalty program in their catchment area.