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A fully configurable loyalty suite for building advocacy with your influencers, professional users & channel


Configurable to meet a variety of requirements

iPuraskar can be configured to meet a variety of business requirements for forging a close relationship with your influencers and trade.

Retailer Loyalty

Give your dealers, retailers and trade partners an additional reason to advocate your brand and grow your share of their throughput

Contractor Loyalty

Create a platform to engage your professional users like paint, building, plumbing, wood work & marble contractors and franchised workshop owners

Influencer Loyalty

Craft a program that your most important influencers like auto-service technicians (mechanics), plumbers, painters, masons, borers et al will love you for

Customer Loyalty

Drive post-sales business with institutions such as factories, construction sites, large format workshops and corporate offices by engaging their key decision-makers.

Group Loyalty

Own your group’s most important customers by giving them one more reason to deal with companies within your group by signing them up for an exciting and bespoke program.

Coalition Loyalty

Maximise your brand’s reach by acquiring new consumers and users by joining coalition programs and gain deep insights about cross-category consumption of your key buyers.


Rapid Deployment

Highly Scalable

Slick User Experience

Features Rich

Key Components

Our comprehensive system is made up of the following inter-linked modules. We can cherry-pick the modules needed to fulfill your specific requirements. Our primary modules are

Loyalty Engine

This is the core of the system where user profiles are created and all transactions, including earning and burn program credits, are performed and stored.

Rewards & Cash Transfer Management

Our flexible back-end supports cash transfers to bank accounts & e-wallets as well as electronic & physical rewards. You can choose based on your business needs.

Scheme Manager & Gamification Engine

You can use our loyalty programs to drive specific desired behaviours among your users with targeted offers on specific products and turn it into a fun game to keep them excited!

End-User Application

With our loyalty programs, you can give your users the control over when and how they earn and burn credits with our configrable & feature-rich web, android & iOS applications.

Campaign Manager

Our programs & user-applications serve well to build brand imagery and operate communication campaigns on them to deepen attitudinal loyalty towards the brands.

Field Force Application

If you have a field force that actively promotes your loyalty program with your users, our mobile applications will help them have more productive conversations with them.

Contact Centre Module

Our contact centre module can plug into existing contact centre CRM systems to provide your telecallers with user-specific account information and transactions.

Analytics Dashboard

An insightful program dashboard gives you a birds eye view of your program and its key input & output metrics, including how your latest campaigns & schemes are performing.