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About us

Who We Are?

We combine technology and human engagement to deepen the connect between brands, its professional users and the trade.

T7E is a Go-To-Market strategy and executions company that provides loyalty, brand activation, consulting and digital transformation solutions for companies in the automotive aftermarket, construction and home improvement industry in India.

You will find our services relevant if your company has a revenue stream, or plans to create one, from any of the following:

  • Selling consumables and products bought and used by blue-collar professionals or entrepreneurs
  • After-sales in the automotive or industrial equipment spares or consumables industry, either in its aftermarket or for captive consumption in large institutions
  • Selling through the channel of traditional format stores or requiring the assistance of in-store executive to create preference for your products
  • Selling to independent contractors for consumption in their home-improvement or construction projects; or
  • Any category where brand choice by consumers or end-customer relies heavily on influencer and trade advocacy
  • Influencer loyalty programs for brands such as Eni, ENI-VISTAR, Nexon,EniLoy and WandaP are managed by us

What We Stand For?

Customer Centricity

We truly win only when our clients win

Continuous Improvement

Things may be good or maybe not. But there is always room to be better


We do what we say. We say what we do.


Challenges inspire us. We exist to find solutions!


Finding new and better ways is how we like to roll!