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Between Brands, It's Professional Users& Trade


Digital Tools and Engagements

Bridging Manpower and Technology

Reinvent The Channel

Loyalty Programs

Cost-effective full-suite integrated loyalty programs, including on-payroll field teams, for your channel and influencers is our core business. We provide catalog-based rewards & cash transfer into beneficiary bank accounts or wallets.

Digital Transformation

Our solutions can transform your business processes, be it inside your organization or for key external communities. We build for scale, adoption, compatibility with existing systems and to enhance your customer & partner experiences.


Our combined 50-years’ experience across marketing, technology & sales helps develop effective and efficient Go-To-Market programs for you. Our plans factor in your goals and the advantages & limitations of your product, company & industry.

Brand Activation

We use our industry knowledge to design on-ground programs that deliver you new users. Or new relevant information to your existing users. It works better with professional users when you keep it simple and free of gimmicks!

Influencers Managed
States Across India
Units Consumed Through Our Programs
Influencers Contacted Per Day

What Makes Us Different?

Holistic in Approach

We invest significant energies into understanding our client’s and their target users’ operating context before devising an approach to meeting stated goals. We operate without boundaries, but within the business context.

Agile in Execution

Business contexts are transient & dynamic. A material shift in it may need a change in approach. Which is when an execution partner like T7E helps- we stay true to the relevant goals, while adapting the approach to new business realities.

Driven by Outcomes

Meeting targets gives us our kicks! Be it a new project or a fresh challenge in an ongoing one! We thrive in it. We work with all the key stakeholders to make it happen, as long as the objective is meaningful to the client’s business.


Have a vexing problem?

We Can Help

We could work together to unlock growth by working with your influencers and trade.